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  • $5.00

    Handmade soap bars with an olive oil base  (3.5 oz) and natural ingredients designed for different skincare needs. Biodegradable packaging

  • $4.00$11.00

    Reusable beeswax wraps. Ideal for storing food like sandwiches, snacks and fruits and for covering food containers instead og using cling-wrap. Washable with cold water…

  • $4.20

    Exfoliating handmade soap bars (2.5 oz)made with olive oil and exfoliating ingredients. No artificial colorants or fragances.

  • $4.00

    Handmade olive oil based soap bars (2.5 oz) . No artificial colourants, preservatives or fragances.

  • $7,200.00

    Maravillosas barritas de shampoo de coco orgánico. Estas barras reemplazan el shampoo, pero también puedes usarlas para la piel de la cara y el cuerpo.…